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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 5, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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open fire at a military academy. a major general and will be at least 15 other coalition service numbers. we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country >> appears to be a so-called insider attack. attackers killed 62 coalition members.
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>> impossible to completely eliminate that threat. particularly in a place like afghanistan. he could work hard to mitigate and administrate. in the course of the last year or so. i think that is a testament to the good work that authorities have done. >> killed two army special forces soldiers. the u.s. army veteran has become another victim of chicago street violence. gabriel stevens' shot and killed near his home. reports from the southwest suburbs where relatives gathered.
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>> devastated by an and in this. the police interviewed. nothing but good things to say. the victim's mother and former university of illinois police officer says her son had no enemies. gabriel stephens growth and aggression neighborhood and he was well known. willingness to help authors especially senior citizens who lived just blocks from where the shooting took place. the 39 north had gone to a neighborhood convenience store about 9:00 last night on something else happened. words were exchanged in the store with the suspect.
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investigators say suspect drew up alongside the victim in a red sedan exiting his car to open fire hitting him in the chest and arms. the army veteran gun from his wounds leaving the family to mourn the loss. if he did not know how to do it he will find out how to do it. >> looking at some how to deal from the store. very few details for detectives. pleading with you to call police. in dalton julian crews. >> out along the
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eisenhower with more on what is to blame for the latest disruption. traffic is moving now but it was at a complete standstill over night and early this morning for the second time this summer. >> looked more like a river. forcing motorists to what the media like a tight rope. shutting down both sides of the expressway. only to discover another problem. the 20-30 or buckle in the pavement. that took longer time to train. additional
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month bill was also on the road where. some additional cleanup. the pressure from the flood that was on the road where caused a manhole cover to erode. flooding has shut down. back in the expression is closed for seven hours. peers to be purely coincidental. was caused by collapsed storm surge. this unfortunately was the case of an intense amount of rainfall and a short amount of time those producing too much water for drainage system to handle. coke's to have the repairs made in time for the evening commute. >> one west suburban family was watching us this morning when they got a rude awakening. now
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>> glad that have not moved everything in. still have a lot of mopping up to do. the rest here after spotting their flooded homes on the morning news. fortunately tosser reed and her husband have yet to move anything into the basement of their new home. from their old home lay saw me this morning reporting on the flooding and bill would spotting and new home in the video. >> the war went down quickly and they now know not to move anything of value down here. the flash flooding happened so quickly last night some residents actually had to be rescued. the walls
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are popping. electricity or whatever. i got my family out of there. >> today it a lot of water logged furniture. flooding is, and whenever there significant rainfall. >> it is really bad to know that if a range really dead we will have to get everything out of the basement. it is bad to understand >> that> all dealing with any damage is a costly hassle of veteran residents say the latest flooding is nothing compared to one storm last year which brought flood water of over 4 ft. deep.5 ft. deep. >>
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>> both dogs eventually ran off. the boy suffered injuries on his face and legs. the murder trial resumes today for a woman accused in the brutal killing of two men. two men into women are charged. prosecutors said it is desperate for cash. karen $120.
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>> turns to court to face more charges. pleaded not guilty to charges of hiding a corpse. has not yet been charged in connection with the victims' murders. according to court documents told investigators he accidentally killed. americans will take a stand for safety and community tonight. >> being held on the first tuesday of august. police used the occasion to publicize such programs at once neighborhood watch. outdoor events will be held in several areas around chicago and suburbs tonight. they're listed on our web site. >> the woman there
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no longer lives of the home. now lives in 2713 south: have an imperial >> >> a seller at the navy base and san diego near the end of world war two. hopes getting letters and is to help her find the rightful owner. the second american in effect with the ebola virus returns to u.s. soil. >> after yesterday's scuffle an indefinite yesterday's scuffle an indefinite suspension. this is charlie. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs!
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american people a patient arrived in atlanta this morning after a flight to west africa. will be receiving care at the university hospital where the doctor is also being treated. both americans contracted the virus while working with patients. i arrived in the united states over the weekend. the book received an experimental system known aserum. >> testing a man suspected of contracting ebola in west africa. the man has been hospitalized and is in isolation. it
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developed a viral fever after returning from a business trip. been on alert against a spread of the ebola virus since the start of the culprit. it is now evening and the middle east. a temporary truce between israel and the moss has lasted all previous attempts quickly fell apart. >> egyptian officials are hopeful that it will last and possibly be extended. no military action of any kind will be allowed. food and medical supplies will be transported into gaza. more than 1900 people have been killed in the conflict so far. aftershocks and heavy rainfall are hampering search and rescue efforts following a deadly earthquake. the ears couric stock in the province on sunday. the dust bowl has now risen to more than 400 people with
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1900 injured. >> tends of thousands of people have had to evacuate. some villages remain cut off because of badly damaged roads and authorities have sent six dozen soldiers to that area to help with recovery efforts. >> result in charges against the parents. this time in north carolina. prosecutors say for week-old boy was left alone in the car for two hours last night. >> the couple's other children have been placed in temporary custody. accused of supplying steroids to some of baseball's biggest honors. the founder of biogenesis is facing criminal
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charges for illegally providing performance enhancing drugs. to do and federal court later today. one year ago today when rodriguez and 12 other players were suspended by the nlrb for their connection to the clinic. >> viktor stalberg murderer represent herself and an upcoming sentencing retrial to determine whether she deserves the death penalty or not. was found guilty in april of 2013 of killing her lover. the jury however cannot agree on whether she should be sentenced to death. the judge was forced to declare a mistrial. the retrial is scheduled to begin in september. she strongly warned against it saying it was not done their best interest. terrifying moments for passengers. that
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happened monday when an air flight out of florida. >> passengers and flight attendant was in the middle of drink service. >> she took a beating. she looked a little dazed. everything flew up for two seconds. >> flight attendant and three passengers and injured. the planned landed safely. passengers have been offered $100 voucher for if they're inconvenient. >> 42 surfers off the northeast coast of england and was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. they made a new friend. an adorable young seal that tried to balance itself. it was all caught on video. hung out with
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them for nearly an hour. played with them. the guy says it was like a surfing crow. seals are firmly and i often lie on surfboards. the interactions of this kind are rare. >> 01 illinois congresswoman is asking the obama administration to mi f
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stocks have been slumping as midday over investor fear that the fed might
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raise interest rates sooner than expected. the dollar is down about 67 points. check your free labels. >> the packing co. of color california announced the pair expanding a recall of some of their fruit. maybe contaminated with bacteria. to distribute their efforts through costco, trader joe's, kroger, wal- mart, sam's club. the expanded recall affects all food package between june 1st-july 17th. >> strict new rules for packaged foods which are labeled gluten free. the term had not been regulated. manufacturers make their own decisions about what it means. the labels can only
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be made for foods with zero trace amounts of gluten. >> illinois congresswoman is calling on the obama administration to do more to stop the threat of super bugs. joining local doctors and health groups demanding stricter federal guidelines to stop the use of antibiotics. recent studies by the u.s. centers for disease control and the world health organization highlights the growing impact of resistant bacteria. according to researchers about not only threaten human health but also the world economy. >> tight end has been sidelined by the bears following a fight. headliners this saturday at the deer park
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the bears have been short-handed. the coach and practice. trying to break up. retaliated. the bears announced that burnett was fined and suspended for undetermined amount of time. >> our goal is to have him back to san as possible. barry loved and respected.
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will remain on the active. you'll not be involved in any team activities at this time. broca's collarbone. diving for a pass and hands-on. a successful surgery. >> another rainy night for the socks and rangers. trailed by three early. tied it with a solo home run to left. still tied with two out. he was a double shot of the cycle. also named american league rookie. >> will make his
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major-league debut in colorado tonight. will play second base. he was the colts' first-round draft pick. moved from shortstop to second. he is approved at the plate this season. >> cubs were off yesterday. still to come this midday tom skilling, have your come this midday tom skilling, have your a1 im
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or condemn him the 01 appears the austin neighborhood is dead at the epicenter of the heaviest rain purism
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doppler indications. it is like hitting a months worsworth of rain. a quarter inch of rain earlier. the 14 days that preceded that. making it the ninth driest such. on the books. it is not try any more. annual totals up to 36 in. of rain at midway airport. what is to starkly the wettest month. but with our camera on monday. piquancy the towering cumulus and this cloud approaching. snowstorms approach more dramatically than thunderstorms. that lends to their unique ominous darkness as the approach. an apparent walcott.
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>> shows us that the storm's coming into the oak brook area. the irruption with heavy rain generating storms was captured from interstate 88 and route 59. looking eastward. hit by the de luz said sunday afternoon and evening. there are one of the clouds that did it. look at this picture. >> lot of leather going on. rains in the months near l.a.. we have a hurricane that is moving westward. a
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tropical storm following it. it probably be. it will talk more about this in a moment. days of northwest winds setting up. starting to transport drier air. the radar returns are moving away. couple little showers that develop on the boundary of death in western moving dry air. here is the corridor that was really lambasted by rain. minimal amounts of rainfall compared to what occurred up here. >> other areas as well. look at some of the readings. there is the forest park. another
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reading here in the city. >> here's the vivas the skyline finally comes up all the clouds. we can't some sunshine around the area. >> there is the view from buffalo grove. >> breaks in the clouds showing up. here we are looking into the north side. here are some of the weather service cooperative observer reports. august is our wettest month. and is almost a month source of rain. had to go back to april last year to find anything heavier. >> part of a process
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that drove the storms yesterday. >> will keep in mind that in case it uses. will not see and 87 at the hair or 88 at midway. ford is through yesterday. to warmest periods of the whole summer. it is 77 that the hair. these readings are likely very near today's highs. >> little lower than we were yesterday at this time across the metro area with the dew point still pretty steamy out there. that is why a shower or to remain current. >> you have window of lake michigan. >> restore warming up over the weekend. can you conceivably cooler areas appear.
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and not going to get terribly cool. car 125 mi. per hour wind. thousand 55 mi. to the east southeast. followed by less organized tropical storm khalil. there are the hawaiian island right there. folks like to leave the windows open and the doors open and taken those beautiful tropical breezes. the storm will be writing and with high seas high surf and some very heavy rain. >> beautiful symmetric around the eye. even when they
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encounter core water. they're watching it closely. clouds break here. the loss of mixed sunshine and isolated showers. >> cooler humidity's will lower slowly. we might still see a patch of fog and the end. , 77. lohan mid-70s at the beaches. mr. more clouds a little filters some flights through them. seven days at the beaches. continue this a very moderate brand of summer temperatures. not every day you get a hurricane or tropical system moving toward dwyre. > >> see guys.
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>> time for trivia. president nixon released transcripts of conversations showing his involvement in the watergate cover-up. who was president nixon's first chief of staff? nixon's first chief of staff? >>a1 im
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fronter manufacturers promised there retardants would not escape furniture. and all 48 people tested 22 months and 26 kids they all had a chemical in their year and that breaks down from the flame retardant. because the chemicals not formally banned companies can still add it to other products. >> women 75 and older. >> as long as i have no serious chronic conditions. >> once break is coming up next. we're making it a bit of a desert for lunch. . we are bit of a desert for lunch. . we are
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are the cutest things. we are mixing colors. i just love this. >>we like making them. let's get started. it is kind of like a sugar cookie.
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>>you want them to be circular. back them at 350 degrees. you will get golden edges around them. if you are going to dip them in milk it will soften them up. >> >>a lot of food coloring. >>red, orange and yellow. we use jel gel food coloring. dip into the first color and second color. sit it
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on top. or else it tends to come off of it. it is pretty fun. kids can do it too. what else do you want? >> >>it i s really fun. >>if you go there. get it into the jar. put them together. squish them together. juwe take little mint.
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put it in like that. >>the edge is the best. >>we have a whole tray here,. >> tell me what your sepcialties are. wondeful, how long have you been there? >>we do lunch too. congratulations on your success so far. >>thanks so much for the recipe here. if you would like to go to baker's tale. 2127 west division street. we will aslo lso have this wonderful peach
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that is amazing. the hawaiian islands are more distant from any land mass than any law islands chain on the planet. there is the storm. little dots up their in the ocean. the model guidance as this storm going in as a category one hurricane. that means wind just over the minimum of 74 mi. per hour. we would turn the waves up there. here is where the wind will be tropical storms stronger. the second batch of color is a tropical storm who wheel that is following the storm.
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it turns up cooler water and that tends to deprive the second system. that is our attend a precipitation forecasts. the do have some more range and our future but not right away. spotty showers today and on tomorrow maybe a shower thursday. many of the showers in the coming days will pass up. a few widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. third month of meteorological summer. >> thank you for joining us today. [music]system
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. ( screaming on television ) honey, come to bed. we have to get up early. shh. in a minute. ( screaming continues ) ( turns off tv ) woman: leave me alone! get away from me! ( screaming ) ( loud thud ) found this gold chain right here, broken. probably what caused the ligature marks on her neck. lucky for her, it broke. what do the paramedics say about her chances? i wasn't here when they took her out. they took her to hudson terrace. all i heard was her shouting for somebody to leave her alone. then she comes crashing down the stairs. i come right out and i don't see anybody. how do i know it wasn't you?


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